Tips on How to Make a Football Forecast

Wonder what is common between sports betting and mathematics? At first glance, nothing, the first is the lot of avid bettors, the second is preferred by lovers of exact sciences. But there is a connection between sports betting and math. Science helps to make the most accurate forecasts based on patterns and simple calculations of the likelihood of a particular outcome. Mathematical forecasts for sports are formed on the basis of statistics and analysis. You should check FIFA standings, learn to make forecasts, and conduct analysis of the game if you want to win. Consider this process using football predictions as an example. Predicting football matches is the standard course of action.

Math and Football Forecasts

Mathematical football forecasts are made by professionals according to a rather complex scheme, which includes:

  • Determination of the market rates, the selection of indicators from the statistics that are relevant to this market. For example, if you are interested in the probability of passing a bet on TB (the total is greater), you should collect information about the number of goals of a particular team or both opponents for a certain period.
  • Analysis of indicators and conditions in which the results are obtained. The factors that stimulated or, conversely, discouraged the team (or individual leading athletes) are important. Each indicator should be given an assessment of importance and weight. For example, the friction in the relationship between the team striker and the coach, which were in the past, could negatively affect the athlete’s performance in past meetings. And if the coach and the forward did not agree at the time of the current match, it is likely that the player’s playing style will not change, as well as his performance.
  • Accounting for various information related to a particular match: team composition, motivation and goals, weather, field conditions, stands support, players’ sports uniforms, athletes who will (and will not) take part in this competition, etc.
  • Creating a mathematical model in which all selected indicators will be taken into account.
  • Studying and analyzing data.
  • Formation of a forecast, which in fact is a conclusion made on the basis of the source data - numbers, indicators, additional information.

The football forecast will be most accurate if the bettor takes into account the maximum amount of data. This is the number of goals scored/conceded, shots on goal, assists, corners, percentage of possession of the ball.