Tennis Bets: Things You Need to Know

Bettors among all popular sports are considered the most unpredictable betting on tennis. But only professionals have the exact opposite opinion, which is worth agreeing with. All the most popular sports trends in betting are team sports: football, hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball - in them the nature of the struggle depends on a large number of players, the exception is boxing. Tennis is an individual sport where only two (in doubles - four) athletes meet in full-time duel, and, well versed in the current form of each, you can make a number of promising bets. It remains only to find out how to really competently place bets on tennis matches to succeed at

Features of Tennis as a Sport

Knowing the features of the selected sport helps to competently develop working strategies for the game. As for tennis, it is worth highlighting the following nuances:

  • the outcome of the meeting depends on the current game level of only two athletes;
  • refereeing error is minimized due to the ability of tennis players to view controversial moments with the help of the challenge;
  • the weather has a strong influence on the game, when before the onset of heavy rain one player won with great advantage, and due to a forced break after the rain this advantage switched to the other side;
  • tennis tournaments have different ratings, very different in character and intensity of the struggle;
  • during one set the situation on the court can change radically.

Types of Tennis Betting

The list of tennis betting types isn't as long as in football or hockey, but there are almost all types of bets here:

  • main: outcomes, totals, handicap betting in tennis;
  • statistics: the number of double errors, aces, breaks, % of hits with the first ball;
  • long-term: tournament winner, who will make up a couple of finalists, who will go further along the main draw;
  • special types of bets on individual tennis players: how many tournaments, and in which category the athlete will win, whether he will enter the top 10, etc.

There are really not many types of bets, but this did not prevent tennis bettors from developing a huge number of interesting theories and strategies for betting on tennis, many of which are used online.